3 Tips for Effective Campaign Sign Marketing

political campaign signs

Guest post by Megan E. – A Texas Marketing Enthusiast

One of the most cost-effective ways that politicians actively spread their message is through signage, particularly through famous campaign yard signs.

Here are some tips to creating the most effective campaign signs for marketing your political position:

          Choose an effective color combination

  • Choose colors that are easy to read like white on blue background or yellow on black background. You want people to be able to view the sign from a distance.
  • Stick with the same design. If you want someone to remember and recognize your campaign, make sure you are using a consistent message and design.
  • Don’t use negative colors alone. Colors like red or yellow can sometimes be viewed as negative like a stop sign or yield sign. This may be good if you are asking people to “vote no”, but otherwise, use another color with it to balance out the harsh connotation.
  • Be bold! Don’t use a white background with black lettering, let them see that your campaign has style and create custom campaign signs that show your unique style.

    Use graphics for appeal

  • Borders have been known to help focus a reader’s attention toward the information outlined within. Use a border around your sign or phone number to try and engage a reader to look at that information.
  • If you have a logo, or another graphic, add it to your political sign. Make sure you keep this graphic consistent across all of your signs so that your logo is easily recognized wherever your signs are. These work really well for recognition to those who are visual learners.
  • Don’t clutter with too many graphics, keep it simple. One logo or graphic is enough to make a sign pop, if you add too many then you risk creating clutter distracting people from your important message.

    Use good sign frames

  • One of the easiest ways to make your sign stand out among the rest of the political signs is by using a professional sign frame instead of a wooden stake. Wire stakes are also a clever and cheap alternative to the wooden stake that adds a hint of professionalism, but metal frames or “H-frames” definitely do the trick. You can find metal sign frames for cheap on most websites that sell signs.

Keep in mind that there are several other ways to get the word out about your campaign such as campaign rallies, building a website to help spread the word, and even social media like Twitter and Facebook. Let the world know your political opinion, and make the most of your campaign money by effectively spreading the word with cheap signs and clever branding.

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