15 Handy Phone Bank Etiquette Tips

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  1. Have enough phones for each volunteer to make calls.  Do not waste your volunteers’ time by booking 12 volunteers if you only have 5 phones.
  2. Maintain a professional environment.  Phone banks can deteriorate fast if you turn it into a party.
  3. Set clear goals for each volunteer and for the event as a whole.
  4. Have rewards for meeting/exceeding those goals.
  5. Provide food if making calls during a mealtime.  Phone banks are usually 5pm to 9pm on weekdays, for example.
  6. Write a clear, concise and well thought out script.
  7. Provide a scripted response specifically for leaving messages/voicemails.
  8. Train your volunteers to respond appropriately – and always kindly – to abrasive voters.
  9. Always mark voters “DO NOT CALL” who request to be removed from your call list.
  10. Have an easy-to-read way of capturing data collected during phone banks.
  11. Clearly structure your phone banking objectives in your GOTV plan so that your callers have a narrowly focused direction at all times.
  12. Choose volunteers who don’t like calling (or aren’t very good on the phone) to oversee and facilitate phone banks by collecting up used call lists, entering data into your system, distributing new call lists, etc.
  13. Have 1 or 2 high school age volunteers serve as babysitters in a nearby room or office so that parents can participate in phone banking.
  14. Encourage the candidate to make phone bank calls.  It gives him the opportunity to hear from and speak directly to the voters, and buoys your volunteers’ spirits and efforts as well.
  15. Develop a procedure in advance for following up with voters who would like to learn more about the candidate, speak directly to the candidate, or get involved in the campaign.


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