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What Is GOPCampaigner?

GOPCampaigner.com is a one-stop political campaigning information resource for first-time or small-office candidates, presumably of the conservative persuasion.  You won’t find a ton of current events or newsy articles here.  What you will find is valuable information that will help you organize and execute a brilliant political campaign, on a manageable scale for elected offices like mayor, city or county council, or even small Congressional races.  And you won’t have to spend a ton of money to accomplish it.

Why start GOPCampaigner?

There really isn’t much help for first time candidates out there.  I’ve read a ton of ‘how to win an election’ type books over the course of my education, and a very limited few realistically speak to the average Joe looking to run for city clerk or county council for the first time.  Instead, most take the slick Washington D.C. style national politicking and try to sell it as something you can pull off in Smalltown, U.S.A.  Obviously, this tack won’t work.  Thank God.  If everyone campaigned like those guys this country would be a sad, sad place!

No, local politics is about local issues, local tactics and – most importantly – getting to know your local voters.  Campaigning is first and foremost about people - talking to them, learning from them, and trying to help them out in this specific way.  Men and women who decide to run for office for the first time do so because they want to make a difference in their small section of the world.  So it calls for a different approach to campaigning, don’t you think?  I learned very early in my career that D.C. politics is just downright depressing, and strove to stay as far away from it as possible.  Therefore I’ve specialized in challenger campaigns and local races, and I have done most of my consulting and campaign management in the real ‘America.’

Additionally, over the course of the years I’ve seen a disturbing trend in the political profession – it’s more of a disease, really – and I hope to help remedy that problem.  Over the past 10-20 years, the relatively new career of ‘political consultant’ has evolved from being a small band of weathered, embattled, political insider pros who cater to an elite class of politicians running for national level office into something more of a traveling con-man gig, wherein people with no real education, experience or credentials in the field of politics peddle their ‘expertise’ to unsuspecting new candidates who, since they don’t know the first thing about campaigning, agree to pay $100+ per hour for their canned, one-size-fits-all ‘campaign strategy,’ which usually consists of pumping up your ego and telling you how you should spend even more money that they can’t and won’t help you raise.

I’ve turned my nose up to these people for about a decade now, and it occurred to me that I may be able to actually save a few first-time candidates from victimization by arming them with real campaign knowledge and skills that will help them get their candidacy off the ground and flying high without spending ridiculous amounts of money.  That, combined with my general uncomfortableness with “just” being a “stay-at-home mom” after loving my crazy career for so long, led to me starting this website.

The overarching goal of GOPCampaigner.com is to give wholesome conservative candidates the foundation they need to succeed in their first campaign and perhaps many to come.  If there ever was a time America needed more family-centered, patriotic, fiscal conservatives, it’s now!  Secondarily, it gives me a much needed creative outlet.  So there you have it:  the “why” behind GOPCampaigner.com.

Who writes GOPCampaigner?

Well me, of course.  I’m Jillian.

Jillian Plomin, GOPCampaigner, political consultant

What’d you expect, a professional headshot?  I’m not spending money on that crap.

Nice to meet you.  I have several years (and scars) worth of political campaign experience, specializing in challenger and local campaigns.  I love political campaigns.  I love the competition, the thrill of the race, and especially the winning.  I do not love to follow national politics much, so don’t be too surprised that I don’t write about the national issue de jour or the latest political internet meme.  I write what I know, and I know campaigns.  That may be all I know, actually.  But it’s better than nothing, right?

The Quickie, Professional Answer:

GOPCampaigner is written by political consultant Jillian Plomin.  Jillian has many years experience working on and running political campaigns at every level of government.  She graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and earned a Masters Degree in Public Relations from the world-renowned George Washington University School of Political Management.

Jillian currently works and lives in Connecticut with her husband and children.

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