GOTV: 72-Hour Campaign Logistics

What is the 72-Hour Campaign, you ask?  It’s a quasi-clever way of saying ‘the last 3 days of the campaign,’ although really we’re talking about the entire weekend, plus Monday, plus Election Day, so it’s really 4 days.  I guess whoever came up with that didn’t include Election Day…

Don’t plan on sleeping in the final days of the campaign.  This is when your GOTV efforts all come together.  A stellar 72-Hour plan is critical to making all that grassroots voter contact leg work worth it.

  • Phone-banks – have as many phones and volunteers as possible, and keep them running all day and night (until it’s too late to call, I mean)
  • Direct mail – you should have a very specific plan in place already for this purpose in the communications section of your campaign plan.  Now is the time to drop any negative campaigning bombs, sentimental issue pieces, and loud, forceful reminders to vote to your base.
  • Lit drops – Have I ever mentioned there’s really no such thing as too many volunteers?  Well there isn’t.  All those foot-soldiers that have faithfully been going door-to-door talking you up to voters young and old are now doing lit-drops.  In other words, shot-gun style running around key district neighborhoods sticking flyers and doorhangers on doors reminding folks to vote.  I personally love doorhangers that not only have your campaign message and the reminder to vote, but also gives the address and a little map to the polling location – there are truly no excuses!
What to say to voters during the 72-Hour Campaign:
  • Have you voted? (If yes, check them off and leave them alone!)
  • Do you need directions to your voting location?
  • Do you need a ride to your voting location?
  • Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday!
That’s really it.  By this time, you know who’s most likely to vote for you.  The best you can do is push them to go vote.  Many counties allow early voting at the court house on Saturdays the weekend before (and sometimes a couple weeks before) Election Day – you should strongly encourage your voters to go early.  They’ll avoid phone calls from your campaign and you’ll be saved the work of calling them.
In most small campaigns, the difference between winning and losing can be less than 100 votes.  A solid GOTV 72-Hour campaign can make or break a race, right at the finish line.  Don’t let all your work go to waste, and make sure you plan, plan, plan!
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