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No worries!  I’ve compiled a list of must-read articles right here to get you started.  Keep checking back here for updates – there’s still new content to come that is an essential to your campaign starter kit.

Deciding to Run for Office

Top 26 Reasons NOT to Run for Political Office
Morton Blackwell’s 10 Worst Mistakes Candidates Make

Campaign Planning

What Is A Campaign Plan?
What Is A Campaign Plan:  WHAT?
What Is A Campaign Plan: WHY?
What Is A Campaign Plan:  HOW?
What Is A Campaign Plan:  WHEN?
What Is A Campaign Plan:  WHERE?
What Is A Campaign Plan:  WHO? 

Campaign Organization

What Is A Candidate’s “Job?”
What Is GOTV?  “Get Out the Vote”
When Do I Launch My Campaign for Office?
When to Hire A Political Consultant

Fundraising and Finance

Why Your Campaign Should NEVER Go Into Debt
Campaign Finance: Know Your Limits
10 Things You Need to Know About Campaign Fundraising
10 Quick Tips for Effective Fundraising


How to Develop A Solid Campaign Message
Political Communications – A Breakdown
Build Your Own Political Campaign Website

What is Direct Mail?
12 Lessons Learned: A Critique of the 2012 Presidential Campaign Slogans
Negative Campaigning – How to Do It Right
Best and Worst Campaign Materials to Buy

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